New Orleans Nighthawks Jazz Band Photos (formerly the Hot-Swing-Dixie Jazz Band)

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Ed Metz, Barry Bockus, John Skillman, Charlie Bornemann, Stan Mulder at Festival Restaurant in Lake Wales

Ed Metz and jazz friend Marilyn at Festival Restaurant, Lake Wales Florida

John Skillman

John with Charlie Bornemann

Charlie Bornemann

Al's Place, Lake Wales Florida

John Skillman, Bob Holmes, Marty Frankel, Stan Mulder, Mike Evans, Gordon Moore at "Al's Place" in Lake Wales

Trish, the manager, taking an order

John & Diana Skillman

Packed like sardines at Al's Place 27-Jan-2010: John Skillman, Bob Hudgins, Bill Barnes, Glen Carlton. Not shown: Mike Evans and Stan Mulder.

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