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The New Orleans Nighthawks have been playing together about 8 years. Most of the Band members are “snowbirds” and come to Florida only during Oct – April. Each is a jazz veteran of other jazz bands from up north as well. The Nighthawks play regularly in the Lake Wales Florida area. The band’s style might be thought of as a combination of Hot TRAD and Swing.

The Band personnel is made up of a solid rhythm section fronted by the Band’s leader; John Skillman on Clarinet. The addition of two trombone players in the band in 2010, (Glen Carlton and Gordon Moore), make the voicing and arrangement most unique among TRAD bands. .To contact the band for bookings, contact John Skillman at 443 340 5868 or E mail at

Clarinet/Leader – John Skillman – Lake Wales Florida & DeKalb IL.
Banjo/Vocals - Mike Evans – Bradenton FL
Bass - Bob Hudgins – Lake Wales FL & Baltimore MD
Drums – Stan Mulder – Winter Haven FL
Trombone - Glen Carlton - Winter Haven FL
Trombone - Gordon Moore - Bradenton FL
Vocals – Diana Skillman – Lake Wales FL & DeKalb IL
Location: Central Florida



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Amazing Grace (download)
Yearning (download)



New Orleans Nighthawks Schedule 2017-2018
Regular Venues:

1) American Legion Post 71, Lake Wales 863 589 5689
1230 North Scenic Highway (Rt 17),
Lake Wales Florida (Next to Patton Tire)


2) American Legion Post 8, Winter Haven 863 293 5551
300 Ave "M" NW, Winter Haven Fl (Next to Legion Auto Tag Agency)


Blue= Special Gigs outside our regular Venues
Oct 2017 --------------------------------------------------------
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 20 Oct, 5:30 - 7:45 PM
Nov 2017 -------------------------------------------------------
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 10 Nov, 5:30 - 7:45
  LakeWales Little Theatre-- Tenative, --> Sat 25 Nov or Sat 24 Feb

  (24 Feb preferred) TBD
Dec 2017 -------------------------------------------------------
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 15 Dec, 5:30 - 7:45
Jan 2018 --------------------------------------------------------
  Bok Tower. . Sat 6 Jan Nighthawks Quartette (John, Glen, Mike, Bob )
  12:30-2:30 pm. Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales,

  Florida  1151 Tower Blvd.  Lake Wales, FL (Private Party)
  Am Legion Winter Haven - Sat 6 Jan
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 19 Jan, 5:30 - 7:45
Feb 2018 --------------------------------------------------------
  Dearfield Fl Century Village Retirement Center 1600 people (Private)
  Sat 3 Feb 8-10PM
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 9 Feb, 5:30 - 7:45
March 2018 ---------------------------------------------------
  Our Saviour Luthern Church, Vero Beach Fl 4 Mar 4-5:30PM

  (Open To Public)  1850 6Th Ave, Vero Beach Fl 772 657 2253
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 9 Mar , 5:30 - 7:45
  Am Legion Winter Haven - Sat 24 Mar
  Possible TBD ---- "Jewel Of The Ridge Jazz Festival" gigs TBD
April 2018 ------------------------------------------------------
  Am Legion Lake Wales - Fri 6 Apr , 5:30 - 7:45



Nov 2018 ------------------------------------------------------
  Indian River Colony Club, Melborne Fl 17 Nov 2018 (Private)


John Skillman 
John Skillman Clarinet
Dekalb Illinois & Lake Wales Florida

Electronic Engineer, retired president of Skillman Engineering of DeKalb, IL. John plays with the Buck Creek Jazz Band on the National Jazz Scene. John is the leader of the Barb City Stompers Band in Dekalb IL and is the clarinetist for the Chicago Hot Six Jazz Band. In addition to being much in demand in the Chicago area, he is also the leader of the New Orleans Nighthawks Jazz Band in Florida. John also is the clarinet player in the International CanAmGer (Canadian-American-German) Jazz band. He has performed at numerous jazz festivals in USA, Canada, Scotland and Europe. His style ranges from down-town New Orleans to Chicago to Swing.

Mike Evans 
Mike Evans Banjo / Guitar / Vocals
Bradenton Florida

Mike was the co-leader of the Coast to Coast Jazz Band as well as the leader of the Toll House Jazz Band in Columbus, Ohio and the (International) CanAmGer Jazz Band. The Toll House band played at festivals throughout the Midwest including the Bix Beiderbecke festival in Davenport, the Coon-Sanders festival in W. Virginia and the Early Jazz Festival in Ohio. Mike has led the Toll House and CanAmGer Jazz Bands on four tours in Europe including performances at jazz clubs and festivals in Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Regensburg and in Brunico, Italy. Mike is currently the banjoist with the Buck Creek Jazz Band from Washington, D.C. In addition Mike has performed as solo banjoist aboard the American Queen riverboat on the Mississippi River. He was recently inducted into the Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame. Besides tenor banjo, Mike sings and plays plectrum banjo and guitar. Visit Mike's Banjo Website.

Glen Carlton 
Glen Carlton Trombone
Winter Haven Florida

Glen plays trombone and bass guitar in the Central Florida area. He owns and operates Carlton Music Center and enjoys playing music in various bands. He was inspired early-on by Bill Allred at Rosie O'Grady's in Orlando, and shortly after formed the "Pride of Dixie" Dixieland Band, (in which Stan Mulder also played). Glen played trombone with the Florida State University Marching Chiefs and for several years after that played bass and trombone in the local variety band Brassworks. He currently he resides in Winter Haven, Florida and plays in the "Over-55 Show Band" at Polk State College, local rock group "Band Haven" and the "New Orleans Nighthawks" Dixieland/Trad Band.

Gordon Moore 
Gordon Moore Trombone
Dayton Ohio and Bradenton Florida

Our trombonist, Gordon Moore, has been playing the trombone since age 11. Gordon's current day job is a high school biology teacher in Miamisburg, Ohio.  At a previous school, Gordon organized several of the high school faculty into a Dixieland Band called the Do's and Don'ts of Dixie. This band played locally near Dayton, Ohio for 10 years, and, on three occasions, played in the Grand Cayman Islands, as jazz ambassadors under government sponsorship. Gordon also plays with Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers. This band has, for the last 24 years, played in numerous jazz clubs and festivals on the east coast, plus several trips/concerts to Belgium. Gordon regularly substitutes with the Mike Evan's Toll House Jazz Band from Columbus Ohio including a recent performance for 700,000 fans at the International Jazz Festival in Dresden, Germany

Bob Hudgins 
Bob Hudgins Bass
Lake Wales Florida and Glen Burnie Maryland

Bob is a professional musician having graduated with a BS degree in music education from Bowie State College. He also attended Peabody Institute of Music for 4 years. He was a elementary-school instrumental music director in Maryland for 25 years. Bob also plays with several small bands in Maryland and also plays with the "Crabtowne Big Band" in Annapolis MD. Bob began spending his winters in Florida about 8 years ago, and discovered TRAD jazz at a Sunday Afternoon Jam session at Al’s Place where he and John Skillman met. Bob has been playing Bass for the New Orleans Nighthawks since 2007.

Stan Mulder 
Stan Mulder Drums
Winter Haven Florida

Stan studied piano and trumpet in elementary school but decided to play drums around age 12 after being inspired by parade drummers. As a kid, Stan studied drums with Army jazz band veteran Dick Vild and later with Gary Werdesheim at Florida State. Stan was inspired and mentored as a teen by Bill Allred and the band at Rosie O'Grady's in nearby Orlando. During that time Stan played in the Pride of Dixie Dixieland Band (with Glen Carlton) which played hundreds of events throughout Central Florida. Stan met John Skillman at a jazz jam session at Al's Place in Lake Wales in 2006. He then starting playing with the newly created New Orleans Nighthawks Jazz Band and later with the Coast to Coast Jazz Band and the international CanAmGer Jazz Band. Stan also plays with the O-55 big band, various projects with Kid Dutch, and has subbed for the Buck Creek Jazz Band and Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers. He has played numerous U.S. trad jazz festivals and toured Germany with CanAmGer.

Diana Skillman 
Diana Skillman Vocals
Lake Wales Florida and Dekalb Illinois

Diana is a formally trained musician, specializing in choral, classical music and formal voice training at IL Wesleyan U. She is new to singing Trad Jazz, but has listened to it and loved it for years. She got her jazz start at the Sunday afternoon jam sessions at Al's restaurant in Lake Wales a few years ago. She also sings with the Barb City Stompers, in DeKalb Illinois, having performed at the Indianapolis Jazz Club and the Central Ohio Hot Jazz Club, and the Bunny Berrigan Jazz Jublee in Fox Lake Wisconsin. She sings in the choir of the First United Church of DeKalb and, along with John Skillman, in the community-wide Celebration Chorale.

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